Monday, November 10, 2008


Muhammad Shaheen

Today the topic of my speech is sportsmanship. Sports are not merely the physical exercise but they are in fact a whole code of conduct. They not only shape up the body of a person but also his personality and brain. I mean that sports lend vigour and stamina to our physique give stength and give to our moral aspect. They are actually a part of a person's education and not mere fun and joy. In this sense sports teach us a lot in our real life.
The aspects of sportsmanship are patience, understanding, and respect. Sportsmanship means behaviour that's fair, honest, and polite in a game or sports competition. Sportsman is a person who can take a loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating, and who treats his opponents with fairness, generosity and courtesy.
This is the quality which we need at the time when we winning or losing the game. It is a display of mutual respect for opponents and officials. It creates a kind of positive atmosphere that will make it possible for every participant to feel proud of their own efforts and results (no matter what the scoreboard shows) and acknowledge the efforts of their teammates, opponents and referees.
And this is what we all need in every walk of life.


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