Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard Work Is The Key To Success

Muhammad Shaheen

Honourable President and my dear audience!
Today I am going to express my views on a very important topic that is hard work can change the luck. I would like to express my views in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
Yes, hard work can change luck. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Verily will never God change the condition of a people until they can change it themselves.

Yet is each individual pledge for his deeds.
The Holy Prophet says:

It means laboureres are the friends of ALLAH.
From all the above verses and hadith we can infer that hard work can change the luck rather luck can be achieved with hard work.
There is nothing for a man except what he struggles for. It is a fact universally and historically admitted that even a small insect does not get its food without scratching the earth, the leave s or the roots. Without hectic search for food no creature of God can survive. This is the world of those who never sit idle to kill their precious time. To sustain one’s life everybody needs continuous sweated labour.
My listeners!
Every man is the architect of his own fate. We find thousands of examples in the history of mankind which presents to us a magnificent spactcle of men and events across the passage of centuries. Thousands of great luminaries who made repeated efforts for their astounding achievements are shining like stars in the sky. The names of hardworking and brave persons which come into my mind are Muhammad Bin Qasim, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and so on. If we look beyond this scenario there are names of thos military men who performed such heroic deeds because of which they not only won name, fame and rank but also set the best example of our national honour. It’s a great saying that everyday you do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
My Dear Audience!
If I keep on relating the stories of brave hard working great men it would take the whole time and I won’t be able to finish eve the list.
The Prophet SAW says:
Our national Poet Philospher Dr. M. Iqbal has repeatedly emphasized the importance of hard work and has also lamented the fatalist elements among the Ummah. He says
God never changes the life conditions of those people who do not have the will to change it themselves.
Only plants and animals are limited by the rules of fate. Man is only guided by the device rules.
Respected president
In this world there is survival of fittest. Only those people can survive who are hard working and can swim in the sea of postmodernism.
Today Europe and America are ruling the world because of their hard work. Look at any champion in the world .He has gained the position only through hard work. You cannot pinpoint a single person who has achieved the top position without hard work.
Agreat pushtu poet Rehman Baba says
Why should you look for reading lines of your palm? Ones own deeds are his palmistry.
There is a famous saying in pushto:
Luck is like a tamed donkey. It will take you where you want to drive him.
Mr. President!
So in the end I’ll say that luck will be made by a person himself and the only thing is hard work.
That’s all.
Thank you


Aileen said...

Of course, Hard work is a big thing which is the best key for success. Thanks for sharing it here. By the way I too had learnt Business Success skills through the E-learning - courses. The information seems to be very much useful.

shehab said...

masha allah touching ny heart changed a lot in my life

Amina said...

it was soo useful really it effected me alot and i learned alot tooo for my speech!!!

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