Friday, October 17, 2008

The Dignity of Labour

Muhammad Shaheen
The Dignity of Labour

Respected Audience!

Today the topic of my speech is “The Dignity of Labour” Work is indeed God’s blessing. Without it life seems to be meaningless, flat and a useless thing. Only useful and noble activity is a blessing. Negative action is a curse. Even the sweeper’s work is much sacred aof a lawyer, teacher or a shopkeeper. Joseph Conard has rightly said “Man is a worker. If he is not , he is nothing.”

Dear Audience!
A busy man is a healthy man. Idleness tells upon heath. Men do not break down from overwork but they break down from overeating, worry and dissipation. Work always generates optimism. All growth depends on activity. It is work that leads to self discovery and self-confidence.

Dear Audience!

Once a man came to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) begging for something to live on. The Prophet gave him an axe and a rope and advised him to collect some wood and sell it and live on it price. The next day the man came to the Holy Prophet and said that the hard work of felling trees gave him contentment and pleasure. The bread earned through his sweat was the sweetest he had ever relished.

In the light of such examples we should work, work and work and then we are bound to succeed in life.

That's all.

Thank You



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